Tips On Baking Your Favorite Pizza With A Pizza Oven


Pizza is unquestionably one of the very popular food choices in the world. Despite its origins in Italy, it has become a popular dish even outside that European nation, with some versions done in the Western part of the world and in many parts of Asia. Pizza is a great food item that can connect the past of its glorious history to the present time where people eat it in many variations of gatherings. Pizza also gives the idea of how food has evolved among many generations and how it will still transform in the future. Or course, everybody also wants to know how these food items can be prepared to taste better and healthier for everyone you love.

Today, it is now possible to make your own version of that best tasting pizza using a regular pizza oven. But having that authenticity and traditional taste in the pizza requires you to have pizza ovens such as wood fire ovens and outdoor ovens. While it is a fact these ovens might consume a lot of spaces, maintenance, fuel, energy and more, the taste and the long-term benefits of the pizzas that you can get from these ovens are quite phenomenal. There are pizza ovens that also use alfa wood which has become very popular today. You can also learn more about pizza ovens by checking out the post at

Wood fired pizza ovens are known to produce a tremendous amount of heat, which makes it possible to create a perfect environment for pizza making with a great taste to it. Making these pizzas only takes as little as two minutes baking time when using this type of oven. And, you can bake pizzas as much as you want. The heating environment inside these cooking chambers is enough for the wood to make sure the dough retains moisture and so the pizza as final product is both cheesy and soft. The wood fired ovens also bring out the traditional smoky smell when the pizza is out of the oven. If you want to have these ovens, you can easily look over the online resources to know more about the stores that sell them. This pizzastein test page is a must read!

One of the most important things to keep in mind when cooking pizza in this kind of wood fire oven is to heat the oven properly. Too much heat can make the ashes and embers hard to remove and can even mix with the dough. When this happens, the pizza will not be good to eat. So, it is important that you learn the process of heating the oven up so you can enjoy the quality pizza for you and your family. Check out this pizzaofen test page.


A Guide to Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

raw pizza and ingredients

One of the biggest variables in changing the flavor and texture of pizza is the heat source. This is what you will find out when learning to make a pizza. Some people make pizza using industrial ovens, but for a more authentic pizza, a wood fired one is the best. When pizza is cooked over a wood fired oven it reaches a much higher temperature that allows for a better toasted crust than one which is cooked in a gas oven. And even smoke emitted by the fire adds a bit of flavor to the pizza which is missing when prepared with other types of oven.

Wood ovens feels like an artisan craft and this is one of its unique charms. And because of the heat intensity that wood ovens produce for long periods of time, the only material that is safe to use for the oven is stone. Every stone oven is made by hand in a way that suits your personal needs and preferences. Because of the uniqueness of its design, it can double as a functional piece of d?cor in your yard. For more facts and info regarding pizza ovens, you can go to

Wood fired pizza oven cooks pizza with a signature taste that cannot be achieved in any other kind of oven. This is another advantage of wood fired pizza oven. Because of the high heat created from the combustion of wood, you are able to create a distinct pizza flavor from the way the cheese and dough reacts to the high temperatures. The cheese becomes gooey, stretchy, and toasted. This will make your pizza stand out from the rest that were cooked in gas ovens.

Although more known as pizza ovens, these types of stone ovens can also be used in preparing other types of food. If you experiment cooking food using a wood fire oven, you can create a unique flavor which is great for barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. Some people buy wood fired pizza ovens to cook grilled food because it creates a nice seared meat and toasted sandwiches.

The main problem in using a wood fired pizza oven is looking for wood as fuel. There are places where it is difficult to obtain wood as firewood, but most areas have a supplier to keep your oven stockpiled. But for precaution before buying your wood fired pizza oven, make sure that you ask the dealer if you are able to obtain wood in that area.

A wood fired pizza oven offers the best results whether you want to use it for your pizzeria business or simply want to create an authentic pizza at home. Visit website!

Materials That Can Be Used As Pizza Stones


Pizza would always be loved by many of us since the dawn of its creation. One way to do pizza is thru pizza stone which is gaining popularity nowadays. People who want assurance regarding the cleanliness of their pizza opt to make their own homemade pizza. However, doing so should mean that one is knowledgeable regarding the distribution of heat and below are some of the items one can use as a homemade pizza stone rather than buying a tad one from market.

Unglazed Quarry Tiles

These are known as the most usual used items as pizza stones. It is accessible, convenient, simple and can be bought at less prices. They range from 6 inches up to 11 inches. It is recommended that the thickness of quarry tile is half an inch since it would determine amount of heat retained. However, ask first about the lead-testing kit before purchasing. To learn more about pizza, you can visit

Marble Tiles

Second item is the marble and its notable use is for baking. They’re available in countertops and flooring stores and are less pricy than a pizza stone in the market. They go as little as half a dollar but make sure that they do not have lad and toxins.  3/4  up to 1 inch is the recommended thickness.

Why a Pizza Stone is Effective

Other than the mentioned things above, materials made of shale, clay and natural stones can also be used since they’re purpose is to make sure that there is a balance in the heat space while the pizza is in the pizzaofen. There are common times that the heat is concentrated to a certain place which could turn to sections of pizza getting burned while the other side gets undercooked nature. The materials such as stone, clay and ceramic materials have been able to result as good conductor and have heat retention. This leads to a better result since the heat will be contained and released to the pizza equally.

Using natural homemade pizza stones have advantages such as even pizza cooking, genuine crust, less electricity, and the crispiness that the pizza will get. However, cons of the method would be due to the time needed to get the enough heat and that presence of lead and toxins make the stones unusable. Regardless of these, the disadvantages could be easily accommodated by using certain items regarding your preference. Best options would be the use of marble, shale and tiles which were done using natural clay. As mentioned, homemade pizza stone would be less expensive than those in the market. You will only need to get a tile from hardware stores which costs $3 – $5 against the $40 that you can buy as readymade. Read more about pizzastein from our site!